Vermont’s Parent Child Centers

Parent Child Centers (PCCs) are a network of community-based non-profit organizations, serving all of Vermont. The focus of each center is to provide support and education to families with young children. The goal is to help all Vermont families get off to a healthy start, promote well-being, and build on family strengths. This support and education can, and does, prevent problems such as: school failure, poor health, welfare dependency, family violence, and abuse. Preventing these problems makes our communities stronger and saves money for the state.

PCCs not only provide critical services – they also partner with other service providers to ensure that services are coordinated and effective and that families have access to all of the programs they need. The Parent Child Centers serve as a home base for families who need support in Vermont.

Orange County Parent Child Center (OCPCC)

OCPCC is one of 15 parent child centers in Vermont and serves all of Orange County. For many years this non-profit organization provided services from its headquarters at 361 VT RT 110 in Chelsea, but in early September 2015 OCPCC relocated to the former Wellspring School property on Route 110 in Tunbridge, and a dream came to life. The two-story building is over 8,000 square feet in total and the land is approximately 16 acres, part of which is wooded. Because the property was previously a school, the facility is fully equipped to immediately meet the needs of OCPCC’s programs.

OCPCC programs include:

☼  A full-service childcare and preschool program for children ages six
weeks through five years

☼  Children’s Integrated Services family support home visiting

☼  Welcome Baby home visiting

☼  Reach Up case management services

☼  Families Learning Together (FLT) – employment, education, parenting, and life skill services for young and at-risk parents

☼  Community playgroup facilitation

☼  Supervised visitation and exchange services

☼  Kinship care support group services

☼  Parent and childcare provider training and education services

☼  Comprehensive resource and referral services

This collection of programs is offered as individual or integrated services, depending on the needs of the children or families being served. Collaboration between each of these programs is essential to providing seamless, comprehensive services.

The new facility allows for the year-round, full-day, childcare and preschool programs and supports partnerships with the Tunbridge and Chelsea schools to provide public preschool services to three and four year olds. The early education program, in its new home, is licensed for 55 children ages 6 weeks to 6 years.

Plans to expand community offerings for the additional space are also under discussion. These may include, but not be limited to: seasonal community outdoor wellness activities (5k/10K walk/run, snowshoeing events), public space available for community partner utilization, and weekend family events, to name just a few ideas. We intend to make OCPCC a true CENTER for our rural communities.


Board of Directors

Jennie Martin, President

Cynthia Powers, Secretary

Luke Jandreau, Treasurer

Lori Harris, Member

Ian O’Donnell, Member

Scott Farnsworth, Member

Mary Ellen Otis, Co-Executive Director

Emily Marshia, Co-Executive Director