Families Traveling

If you are traveling out of state and you visit a county where there are more than 400 active cases of COVID-19 per million residents you MUST quarantine yourself and all members of the family for 14 days when you return to Vermont.

You may not bring your child/ren to the Parent Child Center until the 14 days quarantine is completed.

You can find out which counties outside of Vermont are ‘safe’ (have less than 400 cases per million residents) by checking the map at this link. This map is updated every TUESDAY.

Vermonters must remember to follow any travel restrictions and quarantine requirements for the states they plan to visit.

If they travel to a quarantine county or outside of the Northeast (including New England; New York; Pennsylvania; Ohio; New Jersey; Delaware; Maryland; Washington, D.C.; Virginia; and West Virginia), Vermonters will be required to quarantine in Vermont upon return.” 

Wishing you Happy and Safe Travels!