Currently Open Positions

Supervised Visitation Monitor

The Orange County Parent Child Center provides safe, monitored visits for non-custodial parents to spend time with their children.

Monitors help to manage the visits to minimize contact between the parents. They directly observe the visit and all parent/child contact and facilitate a safe, neutral environment.

Primary duties: maintain safety and neutrality, observe, redirect, and intervene as necessary. Visits take place primarily on weekends in Tunbridge, with some occasional evenings. Training and high-quality supervision is provided.

Job Type: Part-time

Equal Opportunity Employer

The Orange County Parent Child Center is a vibrant, family-friendly work environment in the heart of Orange County. We value relationships with the children and families we serve and take great care to provide a professional place for the community to access programs and supports that meet their needs.

Our mission is to help families with young children build a sense of place within their communities by connecting them to education, support, advocacy, and wellness opportunities.