The Orange County Parent Child Center supports adolescents and young parents seeking to complete their education, acquire relevant and desirable employment skills, and enhance life and parenting skills.

Participants’ roles in the program are similar to that of a student, an employee, a volunteer, a customer, and a co-worker.

The program offers FLT participants the unique opportunity of combining all these roles into one experience where they can learn, grow, ask questions, make suggestions, build relationships, set examples, take on new responsibilities, contribute to an organization, acquire tangible and employable skills, and develop references for their personal and professional lives.

Services Available:

Child Care: On-site early care and education program for children ages six weeks to three years designed to nurture and inspire children while their parents work on achieving their own goals.

Healthy Nutritious Meals: All staff and participants gather at lunch for family-style meals.

Parenting Classes: Experienced educators and parents cover topics from discipline to the importance of reading to developmental milestones in ongoing parenting classes that meet you where you are as a parent.

Academic tutoring: Individualized assistance to help you meet your own personal educational goals whether it’s preparing for the GED, completing the Vermont Adult Diploma Program, or pursuing secondary education, career and vocational training.

Career Exploration: Guidance in researching and pursuing career options that suit your skills and ambitions, including resume writing, interviewing skills, and job retention strategies.

On-Site Internships: Real-life work experience in our center’s food service program, child care center, and administrative offices

Peer Support: An opportunity for young women and mentors to talk openly about issues and concerns of parenting, self-esteem and personal growth.

Health and Nutrition Classes: A chance to explore relevant topics from healthy recipes to childhood vaccination schedules with our on-site nurse.


If you or someone you know could benefit from help on your journey toward success and self-sufficiency, contact OCPCC today.

We can help design a program that meets you where you are and builds a path to where you want to be in the future.

Call (802) 685-2264 and ask to speak with Mary Ellen or Emily to learn more.