Please contact the CIS Coordinator, Jasmine Rosalbo,
(802) 685-2264, for information.  

As of October 2020, Kids Place is conducting in-person meetings.

The Kids Place supervised visitation program provides a safe, neutral, and comfortable place for children and non-residential parents to visit and maintain family ties. We know that children have a great need to love both their parents and to feel loved and nurtured by both parents, no matter what else may be happening in their lives.


Founded in 1999, Kids Place is staffed by a Program Manager and trained monitors. We believe that it is often in the best interest of a child to maintain contact with non-residential and extended family members.


Kids Place offers comfortable visitation rooms equipped with age appropriate toys, books, and games at its center in Chelsea. Services are available to families who require a safe and neutral environment in order to spend time with their children.


The Orange County Parent Child Center provides safe, monitored visits for non-custodial parents to spend time with their children.

Staff is trained in: child development, intervention techniques, neutrality, separation and divorce issues, child abuse & neglect, domestic violence, mental illness, substance abuse, and Kids Place policies and procedures.

Our mission is to help families with young children build a sense of place within their communities by connecting them to education, support, advocacy, and wellness opportunities.

Services Available

On-site Monitored Contact: Trained monitors remain in the room.

On-site Monitored Exchanges: When adults find it helpful to have a neutral place to exchange children without conflict.

Nurturing Parenting Program: A free, educational program that involves the whole family. Improve communication with your children, learn how to set limits, and have a fun time together and with other families.

Community & Family Education: Our program staff can speak with agencies and groups of interested people about our services and how we help children connect with parents.


Fees are requested before use of Kids Place services and are due from the non-residential parent (unless otherwise ordered by a court). A sliding fee scale is available to families in need of financial assistance for both exchange and hourly visits.

For more information contact Jasmine Rosalbo, Coordinator (802) 685-2264,

Click here to visit the Vermont Coalition of Supervised Visitation Programs website